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    About Us



    Emerging out of a year of lockdowns that put a vibrant art show scene on hold, Bad Candy was founded with the goal of bringing quality art, music, and apparel to the public in an inclusive and community-oriented space. Bad Candy will offer a wide variety of programming open to all, including bi-monthly art group-shows highlighting the creators and artists that inspire us, live music events and collaborative retail pop-ups for startups and artists. Large receptions and “Sweet Saturday” events will be held on a monthly basis, with affordable prints, paintings and apparel available for purchase on weekdays between events. An application process will open in July to all artists and creators looking to collaborate.


    Bruce Allen is a fine art photographer based in Washington, D.C. and a native of the DMV area. To him, concept is everything. Bruce Allen has been producing art shows in D.C. since 2018, which led him to open Bad Candy, a space for the public to interact with local up-and-coming artists in a traditional gallery setting. and Instagram (@thebruceallen)